So, it really wasn’t a ball.

A dinner is more like it.

Regardless of the event, I was determined that I was going to make Little Bit’s costume this year. Because I like to think that I’ll be able to do this every year. Let’s hear it for new mother naivety.

Her name means beautiful bird in Old English. Whether or not this is true, I like the meaning and I’ve chosen to run with it through several facets of her life: her nursery, gifts to grandparents, etc. have all revolved around this meaning, so why shouldn’t something like her first Halloween?

I found the pattern through Handmade Charlotte and tweaked it to fit Little Bit. Loved the results!


little, flightless bird

We went as a set: a baby bird, her mother the tree, and her father the lumber jack.

we are a strange little trio

And our jack o’lantern…

hooty hoo


That’s right. I don’t break theme.  Happy Halloween.



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